Members of LIFE NECOVERY team attended the 1st IWA Resource Recovery Conference

LIFE NECOVERY Project has atended the 1st IWA Resource Recovery Confencerence, held in Ghent (Belgium) from August 30th to September 2nd.Two members of the LIFE NECOVERY team, Alex Galí and Silvia López, traveled to the Belgian city to present a poster and an oral presentation, respectively.

Galí presented a poster with the title “Innovative flowsheet based on pre-concentration and nutrient recovery from municipal wastewater”, while, on Wednesday 2nd September, talked about the “Ammonium recovery from diluted and concentrated streams using natural and Na-modified zeolites” on the framework of N&P resources and conversion. The team also participated in meeting of the cluster of IWA.

The First International Resource Recovery Conference brings together researchers, involved in the recovery and production of resources from aqueous streams, with representatives of the chemical and other industries. The main goal of the meeting is to create better “pipelines” from resource (“wastewater”) to the industries using the products. Such pipelines can create a demand driven process development as well as avoid mismatches between product specification and market demands.